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Each calendar month there will be a drawing from among those who submit a new location or correct a factual error in an existing entry at The Railroad Tourist during that month. Please recall that to be listed in The Railroad Tourist, a location must have a connection to railroad history, travel, or preservation, be open to the public, and have scheduled hours of operation (including “by appointment”). Entries are to be submitted through the "Contact Us" tab found at The Railroad Tourist. One winner each month will receive an autographed paperback edition of DINING BY RAIL.

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The Railroad Tourist

Visit THE RAILROAD TOURIST, where the mission is simple: to provide you with a state-by-state directory to all the locations and activities in North America that capture, interpret, or offer participation in railroading past and present.

It is committed to enabling you to make railroad history a part of your travel plans, whether your trip is intended as a one-day outing or a longer-term journey.

The site is intended to make you to aware of and encourage you to enjoy a rich variety of opportunities. From excursion trains and railroad museums, to stations and other buildings enjoying restoration and reuse, former right-of-ways converted to rail-trails, and lodging and eating establishments that include passing trains as part of their decor, the locales you find here will testify to how important and widespread this industry was in our history.

Finally, the site is committed to the continuing, even expanded, efforts to preserve these historic sites for your own edification and enjoyment, as well as for that of future generations.

The Railroad Tourist is free. And the web site is just the hub. There is a link to a weekly blog - Journeys for a Railroad Tourist - created in cooperation with the travel division of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Look for a free quarterly newsletter coming later this year that will go in-depth on three topics of interest. Also planned are Facebook, Twitter and Flickr updates that offer suggestions, tips and comments about places to go and things to do to immerse yourself in the most important and colorful heavy industry in history.

Welcome aboard!

Selected Works

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A State-by-State Guide to Locations with a Connection to Railroad History, Travel and Preservation
The History and the Recipes of America's Golden Age of Railroad Cuisine
The Recipes and Stories Behind Today's Greatest Rail Dining Experiences
A Story of the Rails
The Life of a Pennsylvania Railroad Engineman: 1904-1949
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